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Splash Away With Paddle Boats

Paddle Boats

Enjoy wonderful views of sunsets and wildlife surrounding the Currituck Sound. Corolla's only paddle boat rental, we have all new future beach paddle boats, which can hold 2,3,4,5, and sometimes 6 people if you have small children. The wildlife in our pond is awesome, and is much better than you will see on most guided tours. Kids love the hundreds of turtles that will swim right up to your boat. They will also see a variety of frogs, white and grey herons, white ibuis, and possibly osprey, otters, nutria, muskrat, deer, fox, ducks, and geese. The paddle boats cruise the calm, protected waters of our canal that circles around the miniature golf course and comes within a few yards of the bank of the Currituck Sound. Paddle boating is a great way for the family to enjoy time on the water together at a very reasonable price and you don't have to get wet.



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